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What do Presbyterians Believe?

If you are new to the Presbyterian Church (USA) or have questions about a specific topic, then this article, What Do Presbyterians Believe?, might be helpful to you.

Covenant Network of Presbyterians

We are a member church of the Covenant Network of Presbyterians. The mission of the Covenant Network of Presbyterians is to strengthen the church of Jesus Christ, with the help of God's grace. We are called to achieve this goal by furthering the inclusion of LGBTQ persons, and by working for the unity of the PC(USA).

Dr. Jack Rogers (website and resources concerning LGBTQ issues)

Dr. Jack Rogers provides valuable information as to what the Bible says and does not say about homosexuality.

Equal Exchange Products

The Presbyterian Coffee Project is an innovative way to reach out to small-scale farmers in the developing world while enjoying fellowship and an excellent cup of coffee. As Christians we can address a consumer dilemma by buying coffee that is fairly traded.

Equal Exchange Products are made available on an ongoing basis at the church.

West Jersey Presbytery

West Jersey Presbytery is a interconnected community of 61 Churches and 3 Immigrant Fellowships in the southern part of New Jersey. We follow the Presbyterian system of church government and have the responsibility to share our belief that Jesus is the Son of God and that through his life, death, and resurrection God has acted decisively to bring peace and reconciliation to all humankind.

Daily Devotion

Find daily prayers and sermons.

More Light Presbyterians

Individual members and congregations of the Presbyterian Church (USA)